Evil Sugar Radio Interview

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Antonio Valladares and Scott Kustes on the Evil Sugar Radio podcast. We touched on a bunch of topics, including my critique of the lackluster science behind the Whole30's It Starts With Food, low carb diets and gestational diabetes, and looking at if sugar kills your sex drive

Head on over to their site to listen to the podcast in full. 

Evil Sugar Radio #84: Mike Hull – Abuse of Science & Supplement Scams

Episode 84 Overview
Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about in this episode:

1:10 – What made you interested in going in-depth in analyzing the Whole30 program?
2:20 – What is the biggest misconception of what they’re promoting?
4:30 – Do you see the same type of ideas and claims made throughout the industry?
5:10 – What do you think when health gurus make the claim that “you didn’t do it right” when a program doesn’t work for you?
10:00 – You mentioned claims about hormonal contraception and brain cancer. Can you discuss?
11:30 – What is the hierarchy of evidence? How do we know what is high-quality evidence?
14:50 – What about other dietary boogiemen like high-fructose corn syrup and MSG?
17:40 – So how do we explain when people experience positive or negative effects when eating or removing certain foods?
18:50 – What about low-carb and gestational diabetes?
21:10 – You wrote about sugar and sex drive. What’s that about?
26:00 – What about supplement regulation issues and scams in the supplement industry?
31:00 – What are your thoughts on self-experimentation (the “n=1 study”)?
33:15 – What are you up to next?
36:30 – How can the fitness industry better serve clients and provide better information?