Evil Sugar Radio Interview

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Antonio Valladares and Scott Kustes on the Evil Sugar Radio podcast. We touched on a bunch of topics:

And more! Give it a listen below. 

Episode 84 Overview

1:10 – What made you interested in going in-depth in analyzing the Whole30 program?
2:20 – What is the biggest misconception of what they’re promoting?
4:30 – Do you see the same type of ideas and claims made throughout the industry?
5:10 – What do you think when health gurus make the claim that “you didn’t do it right” when a program doesn’t work for you?
10:00 – You mentioned claims about hormonal contraception and brain cancer. Can you discuss?
11:30 – What is the hierarchy of evidence? How do we know what is high-quality evidence?
14:50 – What about other dietary boogiemen like high-fructose corn syrup and MSG?
17:40 – So how do we explain when people experience positive or negative effects when eating or removing certain foods?
18:50 – What about low-carb and gestational diabetes?
21:10 – You wrote about sugar and sex drive. What’s that about?
26:00 – What about supplement regulation issues and scams in the supplement industry?
31:00 – What are your thoughts on self-experimentation (the “n=1 study”)?
33:15 – What are you up to next?
36:30 – How can the fitness industry better serve clients and provide better information?