That Time I Got Involved In An Anti-Vaccination Comment Flame War

Normally I never get sucked into the comment flame wars on FaceBook. I usually read them for amusement and never write anything myself. The trolls got me this time.

I happened to be looking through the comments on an anti-vaccination thread. In these threads, people never link to any legitimate scientific sources to back up their arguments. It just so happened that one woman attempted to back up her anti-vaccination beliefs by providing a link to an FDA document that she says provides "pretty incriminating evidence AGAINST vaccine safety". Stunned by seeing a link to a credible source, I decided to read this document to see if her claims were justified. Below is the exchange that took place.

I wasn't able to catch a screenshot of the next comment Theresa made, but it went something like "Go look up any of the hundreds of Vaccine Information Sheets on the FDA's site and you will see that vaccines cause death, autism, etc..."

When I checked back later, Theresa had deleted all of her comments and her Facebook account as well.

I have exactly 0 issues with people/parents questioning vaccines. I do have an issue with people not taking the time to seek out good sources of information about their safety. Asking the question "what exactly am I injecting into myself/my child" is the first step. Reading about the dangers of vaccinations on or is not the second step you should be taking in your investigation.

For those interested in a quick overview of vaccine herd immunity and the studies done on the link between MMR and autism (spoiler: there isn't one) check out these two YouTube videos by Dr. Aaron Carroll, MD.